Our Services

Sugar River Marketing offers a variety of marketing services, including strategic development, advertising, and graphic design. In addition, our sales support can help get products to market through warehousing, distribution, and online sales.

Brand Development

Brand development is more than just a good looking logo (although we can help there too.) Branding is all about influencing consumer perceptions. Your brand value is the most important part of your business.

Internet Marketing & Web Design

The internet is one of the most important tools for sales there is today. Whether selling products directly, or just telling the company story, we can build what you need.

Marketing & Media Strategies

Getting from point A to point B takes a plan. Some companies need to figure out where they are at in the first place before they can decide where they want to go. Understanding their customers is pertinent to all strategic development.


Sugar River Marketing is an extension of the Gunter Agency, an award-winning advertising agency that has worked with top national and international brands like Kimberly-Clark, Rayovac, OshKosh B’Gosh, Kraft, Firestone, Fiskars, Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, and others.

Package & Display Design

One area that Sugar River Marketing excels is package and display design. This service can be hired a la carte.

Sales Support

What truly sets Sugar River Marketing apart from other marketing companies is that we are part of a bigger company that actually does what you do…manufactures and sells products. For some companies, we can provide sales support.

Sugar River Marketing: a division of Sugar River Trading Company and an extension of the Gunter Agency.

We can be your complete sales and marketing department, or just play a role to meet your specific needs.


Our warehouse is located in Belleville, Wisconsin.


We have our own network of resellers across the United States as well as export contact to China.


What can Sugar River Marketing do for your business?